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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire...



Becoming a firefighter has been my life’s goal. I’ve overcome every obstacle and I’ve finally made it to the top of the ladder: to the role of Rivers Crossing first ever female Fire Chief. But there’s a teeny, tiny (okay...big) problem. And it comes in the form of a very hot firefighter in my crew.


Tyler Holmes. The man I slept with ten years ago.


Apparently the fire that began between us back then still burns scorching hot and his charm is hard to resist. But as his new boss, I must treat him just like everyone else under my command.


Even if my traitorous body remembers exactly what happened when I was under his commands in bed.


My options are limited. I either ignore this attraction and douse it with cold water or let it burn my career down to ash. 





Ten years and I’m still thinking about her. Ten years of comparing every woman against her. And now she’s here, standing in front of me...as my boss.


Callie’s even more gorgeous than I remember. But as Chief Bartholomew she’s all business. She doesn’t want to admit that what we had was more than a spark, it was an inferno. And if she’d just get past her stubbornness, she’d see the attraction between us is still scorching hot. 


Only now she’s in charge and I don’t know if I can accept her as my chief. I don’t even know if I can accept that I still want her? 


Because if I admit there’s still something between us, I might have to leave the job I love in order to keep the woman that I still burn for.

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