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Laura Stevenson needs to get away.  She is looking for isolation.  She is looking for tranquility.  Instead, she finds Jack.

Laura thinks she has found the perfect place to spend a summer working on her book, a small cottage on the North Sea in Scotland.  There will be no kids, no memories of the perfect life she once had, and no distractions.

A chance meeting with the mysterious Jack Ross changes everything.  No matter how hard she tries to fight her desires for the sexy gardener with green eyes and a chiseled body, she just can’t stay away from him.

But what Laura doesn’t know, is that Jack is running from his past and it’s about to catch up with him.  Laura is about to enter a world she could not even dream of writing.  Can Jack and Laura mend each other’s broken hearts, or will it all crumble apart as they try to bring down the one man that could destroy them both?

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