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Two neighbors. One stalker. And no clues. Will a mystery be solved in time? Can a broken heart be mended?

Henry McMillan has lived in his apartment for six months. And for six months, he’s had a crush on Dani Tuckerton who lives one floor above him. He senses Dani has a troubled past and has taken it slow with her, but all of that is about to change.

Dani Tuckerton leads a quiet life. A violent ex-boyfriend has left her with anxiety so extreme she barely leaves her neighborhood. She’s had a secret crush on her new neighbor, Henry, since he moved in but she’s too shy to tell him. After working up the courage to invite Henry to play basketball, the two return to find her apartment’s been ransacked.

A recent series of troubling messages and now a crime at her home has them working together to find who is stalking her, but will they decode the messages in time?

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