• SE Rose

Internationally Perfect

Audrey Carlan’s International Guy Volume 1 nails an interesting take on romance. The majority of the novel is from the male perspective. 

Synopsis: Parker is one of three men  that run a company called International Guy. They fix problems for clients, essentially giving them a makeover. The first volume follows Parker and his two friends as they try to give Sophie the confidence to take over her father’s company. Then, Sophie recommends them to Skyler, a famous actress who’s having a hard time. She also happens to be Parker’s dream girl. Will he win her over?

Audrey does a stellar job of telling a story through a man’s perspective. If you follow romance novels, then you’ll find some names and scenes entertaining to read. But I digress, the plot is unique. It’s not your stereotypical romance novel where guy meets girl and they fall in love. Instead, it’s more about a guy finding his way. He learns from his clients, friends, and lovers. And I definitely want to read the next book to find out what happens with Parker. So, if you’re looking for something different in the romance genre then try this novel. 



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