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“Perfect!” I announce as I set the last vase of flowers down on a table. I look around at my handy work. Mason’s yard has been transformed into a fairytale setting. Twinkle lights and lanterns hang from tree branches, small round tables are set in a cluster with beautiful vases of flowers in the middle surrounded by small tea lights, and garland full of flowers decorates decorative benches scattered around the perimeter. Across the yard, is a small wooden gazebo that Mason had constructed for the event, although he kept saying it was something he’d been meaning to do for a while now. It is also covered in lights and garland. Several rows of white chairs sit in front of the gazebo.

I feel Mason’s arms come around me. “Looks amazing,” he says into my ear.

I turn in his arms and smile up at him. “I hope they like it,” I state as I step back to see him dressed in a tuxedo.

“Wow,” I say. “You look amazing.”

“Go get dressed,” he says with a wink.

“I’ll see you down there,” he adds motioning to the gazebo with his head.

I smile up and him and give him a quick kiss before running inside. The past forty-eight hours have been complete madness, but I’m ready for this night to be over because I’m exhausted. Yesterday, I announced that I will never become a wedding planner, like ever. Mason had chuckled and told me I was being dramatic, and I’d done an amazing job.

Before I can get to the stairs, I see Theo. He looks so handsome in a tuxedo.

“Hey, you,” he says.

“Hey! You clean up well,” I tease him.

“You think?” he replies with a shrug.

I grin at him and kiss his cheek. “Good luck,” I say.

He winks at me. “Love ya, Addie,” he says as he pulls me back in for a hug.

“Love ya, too, T,” I reply and then I pull back and run up to the master suite. Elle sits on a chair surrounded by her other bridesmaids.

I take a breath because she looks like a fairy princess, and I’m just so happy for her.

“You look amazing, Elle!” I tell her as I step forward and give her a hug.

“Thanks,” she whispers in my ear. “Go get changed. We only have an hour.”

I nod and go sit in a chair, while I get my hair and make-up done. I’m the last one to finish. The other women giggle and sip champagne.

Forty-five minutes later, I look human again thanks to a lot of hairspray and about three pounds of makeup. I take one final look in the mirror and then we rush downstairs to take our places.

The music begins and one by one we file out. I’m the last one out. I see our families as I approach the seats. Josh and Annie are already down at the end of the aisle as they practically sprinted in front of me. Annie keeps tossing flower petals in the air over her head, making everyone laugh. I look up from their silly antics to see Mason waiting next to Theo. I smile at him and his eyes glow with love as he takes me in.

I usher Annie and Josh to the side and then everyone stands as Elle walks down the aisle with her father.

The night is perfect. It’s too early still to be sticky hot out, and the sun is starting to set making pinks, purples, and blues swirl in the sky like a painting created just for the wedding. I watch as Theo and Elle dance on the small dance floor set up over to the side of the dinner tables. Aside from a few broken glasses that tipped over when an overly enthusiastic Josh made his entrance to dinner, the night has been perfect. And even that was entertaining, Josh stood back up and his lip trembled until Mason picked him and made him do a gymnastic routine finish. Everyone cheered and all was quickly forgotten.

“Hey,” Mason says, wrapping his arms around me and swaying to the music that fills the night air.

“Hey,” I reply, leaning my head back against his chest.

“Let’s walk down the lake to watch the sunset,” he suggests. I take his hand and follow him down the lit path.

There are a few couples milling around but no one is all the way down at the lake.

We resume our position, Mason’s arms wrapped around me, my head on his chest as we watch the sun sink lower in the sky.

Just as it’s disappearing, Mason releases me.

“That was a lovely sunset,” I announce as I turn to follow him back up to the reception.

My eyes don’t find his and for a moment, I’m startled. Then, I look down and I forget to breathe. Mason is on one knee, holding a box that is open and in it is the most stunning engagement ring I have ever seen in my life.

“Addison, I never thought I could love again. I never thought I would love again until you fell into my life in the craziest of ways. And now, I don’t know what I’d do without you. I want you here with me, now and forever. I don’t want you to be my enemy or my frenemy or my fellow matchmaker or my neighbor’s sister or my girlfriend or my tango partner, I want you to be wife. Marry me?” he asks, his eyes filled with tears.

I drop to my knees and he catches me before my dress hits the ground. He sets me on his knee and I cup his face.

“Yes,” I whisper, my eyes filling with tears of my own. I nod.

He grins and takes out the ring, sliding it on my finger.

“Perfect fit,” I say to him, returning his grin.

“Yes, I’d say we are,” he replies as I lean in and kiss him.

“Shall we go share our good news?” he asks.

I look back toward the party nervously. “I don’t want to steal their thunder,” I say to him.

He gets us back to our feet and winks at me.

I groan. “They knew you were planning this, didn’t they?” I ask him.

He shrugs sheepishly. I laugh.

“Well, then we better not keep them waiting,” I state as I link my arm with his.

“Nope, my fiancée, we better not,” he agrees as we walk arm-in-arm back up the trail to announce our future together.

Just as we come out of the clearing, I hear the music change. I give him a look, but he’s as surprised as I am.

“Can we have Mason and Addison on the dance floor, please?” Theo says through a microphone. “It’s time for their first tango, as fiancés.”

I look to Theo and Elle who are grinning. I roll my eyes and take my fiance’s outstretched hand, as we begin our tango.

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