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A Steamy Mystery

Rene Webb’s debut romance novel, Uncovering Lily is the first in her MacKay International Book Series. If the rest of the series is as good as book one, then you are in for a real treat. Synopsis: Lily MacKay is abducted while on a trip in France and is taken to a brothel in Asia. Xavier Finch or Finn, is a family friend who goes to see if Lily is indeed at this brothel after a cousin says she is. Things heat up between these two but the mystery deepens. There’s a lot of mystery that Rene expertly uncovers to the reader as the story unfolds. We learn about these characters not just from their thoughts but also their actions. And don’t worry steamy scenes are this book’s middle name, so if th

A Fairytale with a Twist

Jodi Ellen Malpas’ The Controversial Princess is a fantastic twist on a princess fairytale. This book had me from the very first page. The plot has some surprises and as always Ms. Malpas does not disappoint. Synopsis: Princess Adeline is trying to avoid her inevitable future with a man she doesn’t love. She meets Josh, an American actor, and is swept off her feet in a most unusual way. And the rest you’ll have to read. The characters are both loveable and also faulted, but Ms. Malpas clearly did her research. Her description of royal life is very accurate as far as everything I’ve ever read. And I will say, the ending of this book makes me hope that there is another book coming soon!!

Compelling Story

I just finished Watch and See by Jiffy Kate. I legit cried during parts of this book! Synopsis: Harper moves to the city to be near her mom, who is in a rehab facility. She sees a man through her window and becomes obsessed with watching him. And the rest, well, you gotta read it! No spoilers here. Jiffy Kate does a really great job of diving into the heartache of having a family member who suffers from substance abuse. It’s a tough read in parts for sure. But the story is beautifully written and so worth the read!

Chronicles of a Hot Mess Excerpt

Order Now on Amazon Add to TBR on Goodreads Amery Hot Mess. That was the first thing that came to his mind. Like one of those psychological tests where you are supposed to say the initial thing that pops into your head when the doctor shows you a picture. The woman walking toward his gate tried to brush her long mahogany hair out of her face but lost her footing and tripped. She managed to catch herself only to lose her shoe in the process. She huffed and stopped, causing a chain reaction behind her as passengers tried to stop mid-step to avoid colliding with her. She was oblivious to the carnage she was creating. Instead, she walked off to the side and sat down on an empty chair trying to g

Royal Romance

I love a good royal romance! Karina Halle’s The Swedish Prince is both romantic and funny, with just a splash of angst. Synopsis: Prince Viktor goes to America incognito after the death of his brother and meets Maggie, a small town woman who has a tragic past. Karina blends so many emotions into this book, yet they all seem perfectly placed and timed. Just like in life, one second your sad and the next your swooning. There’s a dash of sexy and a sprinkle of angst. At the soul of the story, it really breaks down to two individuals who are going through tough life experiences that find each other and essentially bring one another back to life. It’s a sweet story that makes me want to read more

Anyone Want to Hear a Secret?

Secrets (Portentous Destiny Series Book 2) releases on June 12. Curious about what's in it? Want to see an excerpt? Well, you are in luck! Like what you see - pre-order here! “Penny for your thoughts?” Lance says, looking at the list. “I want to see if I can find Lorena and my grandparents. I can’t figure out why my grandparents wouldn’t have come looking for my mom at the hospital. She was only fifteen. It seems strange. I understand they were likely poor, I mean it’s not a great neighborhood. But still, something doesn’t seem right.” “Maybe they couldn’t, or they weren’t alive or maybe they were sick or moved? There could be a whole litany of reasons why. Maybe she ran away?” he brainstorm

A Younger Man I Want to Meet

Julia Wolf has done it again. Cut Loose picks up with a character we met in Cut Short. And it does not disappoint. Synopsis: Frannie is trying to avoid serious relationships until she meets James. Can she overcome her issues before it’s too late? I won’t spill the details because you have to go read it yourself. Julia’s gift for tale telling will suck you in early and keep your attention until the very end. These are characters that you are going to fall in love with and root for. And the sexy scenes don’t disappoint either. So if you’re looking for your next holiday weekend read, then you just found it.

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