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Holy Cliffhanger, Batman!

I have been a huge Geneva Lee fan for quite a while. The Royals is handsdown one of my favorite romance series of all time. So, when Geneva said she was making more books about this royal family, I was all in! Synopsis: If you are a fan, like me, this book picks up with Clara and X, shortly after the last one. And I’m not giving away anything! You have to read it! This book gutted me! I literally read the last paragraph about three times because I couldn’t process what was happening! OK, I could but I also was like, wait, where’s the rest! I need the rest! This cliffhanger may be one of my favorites of all time! And I love a good cliffhanger. So, if you love extra steamy, Royal drama, twists

Food and Romance😍

The Measure of Home by Krista Sandor is the fourth book in the Langley Park Series. It is one of my new favorites and not just because it talks about love and food. Synopsis: Gabe and Monica meet as teenagers but then circumstances pull them apart. Each goes onto have success before their lives lead them back to Langley Park. I love these characters. Gabe is a sexy chef whose moral compass may have gotten a little crazy but it’s back on track, and Monica is a character you’ll just want to become besties with. Add in our friends from other books in this series plus Monica’s grandmother Oma and you are in for a treat! And you’ll probably want one too after reading about making pastries.

Portentous Destiny Clue Contest! Who's Ready to Win?!

Here's the post you've been waiting for!! Five Books! Five Couples! One Family! And a big mystery! Announcing the Portentous Destiny Series Clue Contest!! That’s right, I’ve put a clue in each book. If you read all five, you may solve the riddle of a location in the first book in my next romantic suspense series (TBA in 2019). I’ll put out a single clue after the release of each book. I’m going to release each clue on a different social media after each release, so you’ll need to follow me. See the link below that has all my accounts! Then, the week after I release Book 5, I will post one final blog post on my website. The first person to post a comment on THIS blog post with the right answe

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