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Appropriate Day to Celebrate The Fighter

Today is the official release day for The Fighter. But it's also an important day for other reasons.

Maverick, the main character in The Fighter, is a veteran, who saw his fellow soldiers killed in action. So, it seemed appropriate that his release day was tied to Memorial Day, a U.S. holiday to remember fallen soldiers. Our family is lucky. We have had family members who served in different branches of the military, but they all have survived their time in combat. Their stories are difficult to hear, but important to listen to. My thoughts today are with all the families of soldiers who didn't come home.

But today also marks a special day in my life. Eighteen years ago, I married my best friend.

We met on a blind date in high school, set up by a mutual friend of ours. When I told my grandmother about my first blind date, she said, "You never know. You could marry him." I laughed, because my grandparents met on a blind date. But, then, six years later, I married this man.

We've traveled the world together, adopted our children, and done really adult things like buy a home. It seems like we've been together forever. I can't remember my life without him in it, and I don't want to. We grew up together; became the people we are while supporting each other.

It's not always easy. Love can be messy and hard and frustrating. It can also be wonderful and perfect. And most of the time, it's somewhere in the middle.

So, cheers to my other half, for being with me in good times and in bad, for having my back, for giving me a hug or a glass of wine when I need it, and for putting up with my craziness!


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