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I just finished release week for the Romantically Ever After Boxset. My latest book in the Poisoned Pawn World, A Wise Prince, released as part of the boxset last Tuesday. But things didn't exactly go as planned...

Two days before release, Amazon had an error and accidentally cancelled all our preorders. We were lucky though, we were able to get our boxset live on Amazon by release day. We basically went into release week starting from scratch. We had worked for nearly seven months to prep and sell preorders as we had hoped to make a run to list on the USA Today Bestsellers list. We were, of course, extremely upset, like crying, angry, mad, yelling at the universe upset.

But then a few things happened that changed our perspectives...

1) We let our fellow authors and book community know what happened. And we found out we weren't alone. I think that helped to light a fire for us. We decided we were going to work harder than ever. We may not list, but we weren't going down without a fight, on our behalf and the behalf of so many others that have lost their preorders because of Amazon glitches as well.

2) The book community rallied around us. I can't express our thanks enough to every author, PA, blogger, reader, and anyone else I'm forgetting, for spreading the word about our boxset.

3) The indie author community won't go down without a fight. This boxset became the little engine that could! I can't thank my fellow boxset authors enough for spending sleepless nights promoting our books to increasing advertising money to reaching out to every last friend and family member they know. These ladies are amazing, and I'm so proud to have had this experience with them.

So, maybe we make a list and maybe we don't. I've come to peace with whatever will happen. If we make the bestsellers list, I'll be ecstatic and proud of all of our hard work and so grateful for our community's support. But if we don't, I'll be proud of how we came together to try and slay the dragon with help of our awesome community.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who helped us!! Especially during such a hard time in the world, it was beyond words to see people show us so much love and support!



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