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Mr. Yes Please

Mister Bodyguard by Lauren Rowe follows Zander, honorary member of the Morgan clan if you’ve read The Club series and other Morgan books. And you will not want to miss this one!! Plus, you may get to visit with some of your other favorite characters from the Morgan clan...hint, hint! Synopsis: Zander gets a job as a bodyguard for Aloha, a famous pop singer. He tries hard to keep it purely professional, but read and find out what happens. This is another slam dunk for the extremely talented Ms. Rowe. She digs deep into her MCs’ minds and talks about some pretty sensitive subjects. Yet, the story isn’t heavy, it’s light and fun and sexy as heck! So, come along for the ride as she introduces to

The Beginning Is the Best

The Beginning of Home by Krista Sandor is an emotional roller coaster that will have you falling in love with Langley Park’s latest couple. Synopsis: Nick is back in Langley Park working at the airport when his first love, Lindsey shows up in town. She brings with her a haunted past that she’s escaping. But are they still in love and can that love survive the baggage they both bring with them. Krista nails a tough subject with sentivity and enlightened story telling that will have you both laughing and crying. Her descriptions of Langley Park will continue to make you want to move there. Don’t miss out on this unique love story.

Hanukkah Just Got Hot

Julia Wolf’s Eight Cozy Nights is another perfect blend of steamy and sweet. I love that she wrote a holiday book centered around Hanukkah! And the story is so cute! Synopsis: Larissa and her neighbor Yo get to know each other over a week off, while celebrating Hanukkah. If you’re an avid Julia reader like me, then you have already been acquainted with Yo, but this time you get to really meet him. Larissa is a new character and she’s great. What I love about Julia’s novellas are that you don’t feel like you are missing out on details even though the story is shorter. There is great character development and the plot is perfect for a shorter story. On a side note, I’m pretty sure I’ve biked s

When Part 2 of a Duet Can’t Come Out Fast Enough!! 😍

The Entitled is the first part of a duet by Cassandra Robbins, and it will have you wanting the second part ASAP! Synopsis: Tess and Reed are childhood sweethearts. Their love affair faces some serious challenges, but can they overcome them? This was such a good a read! The way Cassandra puts you inside the characters’ heads makes you feel like you know them like an old friend. And the writing beautifully takes you on a ride, leaving you wondering if something will happen or not. Be prepared for an epic love story. I, for one, will be rushing out to get The Enthralled when it comes out!

Steamy, Fun Read!

Key to Her Heart by Ellie Rice is a steamy, fun read. I was captivated from the very beginning with this story. Synopsis: While attending a wedding, Valerie and Stone agree to a no strings attached fling, but can they stick to their promises of not getting attached? Ellie weaves this fun story with great side characters. Plus, if you’ve ever been to the Keys, you’ll enjoy Ellie’s descriptions of the setting. They are spot on. You will be rooting for Valerie and Stone to make it work, only I’m not giving anything away! You have to read it yourself. And if you enjoy a side of serious steamy, this book will keep you captivated! 😜

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