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Going to Live In Langley Park

The Sound of Home by Krista Sandor is Book 2 in the Langley Park Series, and it is a nail biter! Synopsis: Em McCaslin and Michael MacCarron spent their childhoods together until a fateful night ruined everything for music prodigy Em. Now, she’s back in town and trying to find out what happened. This is one wild ride. Krista weaves this mystery with such mastery that you’ll be staying up all night to find out what happened all those years ago. The descriptions of Em’s music and her playing makes you feel like you are there inside her head. So if you need a mystery with a splash of sexy, look no further.

Contest Time!!!

Who likes winning stuff? Go check out this giveaway contest that I’m part of! You can win 10 paperbacks & a $5 dollar Amazon Gift Card! All you have to do is sign up for our mailing lists! USA ONLY. Enter here: https://bit.ly/2R5lP09 Every Moment With You by J.E. Parker Chasing Fire by Avery Kingston The Entitled by Cassandra Robbins Heartbreak Warfare by Jessica Marin Island by S.E. Rose His on Demand by Fiona Murphy The Other Sister by Leanne Davis Tri Moons: Hidden by Yanette Mantro Upon La Muerte by Rose Castro Obsession by Nancy Chastain $5 Amazon Gift Card (Tempi Lark) ****** Link for Newsletter: https://bit.ly/2R5lP09 OR HTML LINK for Newsletter and/or Website: https://www.rafflec

Lauren Hits the Jackpot Again!

I just finished Misadventures on the Rebound, and it was another amazingly entertaining and sexy read from the awesome Lauren Rowe. Lauren doesn’t need to gamble on this book because she has all aces with this story! Synopsis: Savvy meets Aiden after some disappointing life circumstances. Their adventure brings them to Las Vegas where the story takes some twists and turns that will have you staying up late to finish this story! What can I say about Savvy and Aiden? You will find yourself questioning Aiden and wondering how unsavvy Savvy is. Details about characters are revealed to you through perfectly timed explanations in the plot. As always, Lauren’s research makes every mathematical, co

Pixie Perfect

Pixie Cut by Julia Wolf is the 4th book in The Sublime Series. And it’s a good one! Prepare to swoon! Synopsis: Laurel is getting over an affair that has her changing jobs. Avi is getting over a recent breakup. Avi moves in with Laurel and the rest you’ll have to read. So, I was previously on Team James after reading Cut Loose, but I’m now a torn woman because Avi is HOT, ladies! The whole gang is, of course, in the book, and for my fellow Team James folks, don’t worry he makes some appearance! 😍 So, grab that glass of wine and sit down to catch up with your Tiber City crew!

Lord Waffles Fanclub

Stumbling into Him by Molly O’Hare is a cute, steamy romance story. If you’re proned to disaster, like yours truly, then you’ll appreciate this story even more. Synopsis: Holly meets Ben when his frisbee accidentally hits her. The two embark on a cute and at times hilarious relationship. So, I have to say, Holly’s corgi, Lord Waffles, steals the show. My good friend has a corgi, and I could picture every scene perfectly! But enough about the adorable Lord Waffles. Molly is the queen of describing klutzy catastrophes. It was like a Laurel and Hardy episode was playing in mind every time I read a scene. This was a definite cute and fun read. If you’re looking for your next vacation book, keep

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