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I ❤️ Bodyguards!

This is my first read of a book by Jade Webb, and I can tell you that I will be back for more. Guarding Her Heart is the first book in the Renegade Love Bodyguard Trilogy. Synopsis: Gabby has tried to separate herself from her rich and famous family but a turn of events has her spending time with her famous, singer sister. And that’s where she meets Liam, her sister’s bodyguard. And the sexual tension starts right away. Jade does a thorough job of providing Gabby with a backstory and family members that will suck you further into this world of the rich and famous.  However, you will be rooting for Gabby to succeed and also to open up her heart to sweet and sexy Liam. However, Jason, another

😍😍 Gavin

Geneva Lee has done it again! She has create a man who is BBF worthy, and a heroine who you want to be BFFs with. The characters are lovable, but with depth and flaws. Synopsis: Cassie is starting an internship with sexy Gavin. Will these two end up together despite some issues and misunderstandings? Don’t worry, I won’t give it away. I literally stayed up till 2am reading this book. Geneva’s writing style makes all her novels flow as though an old friend is telling you a story over a glass of wine on a Friday night. And if you read the other books in this series, then you’ll be in for a treat because those characters are going to make some appearances. But the beauty of this book, or for th

Crushing on Charlie

Cut Free is the latest from Julia Wolf in her The Sublime Series. If you loved her characters from her previous books, then get ready for more love and fun! Synopsis: Cut Free follows Eliza and Charlie as they move from friends to more. Eliza is going through a lot of changes since she ended things with Edward. Charlie comes into her life when she needs a little push to come out of her shell. Like all her books, Julia does a great job of developing the characters and setting. If you live in the DC-Baltimore area, you’ll appreciate her attention to detail about the local area. You will be cheering Eliza on as she comes into her own and trains for a marathon. You will also be waiting with bait

Sneak Peek - Bravura is Coming Soon!

“Come on,” he says as he holds out his hand, and we walk down toward the water. He sits down in the sand, and I sit down next to him. The sun is fading in the sky and the colors are fantastic. “It’s beautiful here,” I whisper as I hug my knees to my chest. Cody turns to me and the corners of his lips turn up just slightly. “I agree the view is beautiful.” I blush. I’m not normally shy, I’m normally the take charge type of girl, but something about the way Cody is looking at me makes me feel like a wallflower. I feel his hand under my chin, and he pushes my face up until I’m looking into his eyes. “I know we just met, Zoe, but I really want to kiss you right now.” I search his eyes and all I

Audio Heaven

Over the last few weeks, I've been listening to The Savage Trilogy by Meghan March. (Savage Prince, Iron Princess, and Rogue Royalty) First off, Grace Grant and Joe Arden do an amazing job! And the story is fantastic and will leave you wanting more. Synopsis: Temperance Ransom's life gets turned upside down when she meets Kane Savage. The rest you'll need to read or listen to because I am not going to give anything away about this plot. It's just that good. Throughout this trilogy, Temperance evolves and comes into her own, as does Kane. I found Meghan's character building to be comprehensive yet unique. The characters are still evolving up to the very end of the story. I enjoyed the wild t

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