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Sweet Romance

Lottie Loser by Dana Brown is a sweet romance that will have you wanting to read her next book, Call me Charlotte. Synopsis: Lottie (Charlotte) Luce's life is all about her career. She works at a bank and dates a nice man. She seems to have it all together, until her first love Nick comes back into her life. Dana’s style of writing sucks you into the story and has you seeing the island and all the characters as though you are there. The book is told in alternating chapters between the present and the past. I admit that going back and forth in time can sometimes be confusing, but it totally works for this story and the past and present stories are flawlessly brought together throughout the no

A New Meaning To Rescuing

Skye Warren’s Escort is a whole new twist on the whole Pretty Woman concept. Synopsis: Hugo is a male escort hired by Bea, a wealthy heiress, to take her virginity. Only things take some unexpected twists. I love that Skye makes Bea an agoraphobic. The fact that she never leaves her hotel where she resides adds a unique plot layer to this already great read. It also adds such a deeper element to her character as it's something not often covered in the romance genre. Hugo’s backstory also is unique and adds twists to the plot that you don’t see coming. His character is swoon-worthy for sure. If you’re looking for a fast sexy read, then go buy Escort by Skye Warren. It's definitely one to put

Royally Swooning

Karina Halle once again nails a royal romance with The Wild Heir! Synopsis: Magnus, a bad boy prince from Norway, gets himself in trouble and the only way out is to get married. Ella, a princess from Lichtenstein, is studying in Scotland. She is called to meet Magnus. Will level-headed Ella fall for the playboy prince? I won’t spoil it for you.  The level of detail on royal life is excellent in this book. It’s those details that seem to bring the whole story to life. There are some fun supporting characters that help make this story unique and enjoyable. So if you’re like me and still need a royal fix after the recent wedding, this is a solid choice.

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