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Hero=Swoon! ❤️

So I finished Hero by Lauren Rowe and I ❤️ Colby! Yep, my latest book boyfriend😍 If you haven’t read Lauren’s other books about the Morgan family, then you are missing out! She has written a few of my all time favorite characters! Synopsis: Colby Morgan, a sexy firefighter, is injured on the job and falls for his physical therapist, Lydia Decker (a widow with three kiddos). I waited quite a while for Lauren to write about Colby, the quiet, wise, oldest Morgan sibling and it was worth the wait! Lauren’s research for this book makes it not only believable but also gut-wrenching. Seeing how the two main characters  have to overcome their own tragedies while patiently supporting the other, is a

Another Way to Join Me and Other Authors!

Since you joined my email list, you're probably a lover of romance novels just like me. If so, you might be interested in the fan group, Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous (RNAA). (http://lindafausnet.com/blog/?page_id=147) RNAA is a fun, silly, sexy, judgment-free group where ALL heroes and heroines are welcome: nice guys, alpha males, bad boys, werewolves, billionaires, vampires, gay, straight, bi, historical figures, aliens, and anything else that can love and/or mate. The group includes both romance readers and authors, so you can interact with your favorite romance writers and find some great new books to read! You can follow Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

Second Chance with a Twist

Another one of my fellow Kiss and Tell Romance authors published a book this week! Lynne Leslie’s Fighting for Phoenix is a sexy second chance romance packed full of mystery. Synopsis: Jayden thinks her ex, Phoenix, cheated on her and she left him. She ends up having his baby and never has the chance to tell him. Phoenix shows up several years later and learns of his son. Jayden and Phoenix also learn that their white hot romance is still white hot. The only monkey wrench is that someone is out to get them. But who? The mystery of who the villain is had me guessing and I loved that! Lynne does an excellent job of putting us not only in the main characters’ heads, but also in the bad guy’s he

A Steamy Thriller

Red by S.M. West is an intense, stramy thriller. Synopsis: Tate comes from a crime family. She tried to get away from it but that ended gruesomely for her and her love. She is forced to marry a monster and then begins to work for the good guys to bring them all down. Rylan works for the FBI. He becomes her handler and then more. This is an intense and at times dark read. I won’t lie, some parts made me shudder, but if you love a good, dark thriller with a lot of sexy scenes, then this is your jam. S.M. West builds great details that help you see the scenes as they unfold. Her characters are well written and she gives the reader the perfect window into their actions and thoughts. There are tw

Introducing the Portentous Destiny Series Clue Contest

Five Books! Five Couples! One Family! And a Big Mystery! Announcing the Portentous Destiny Series Clue Contest!! That’s right, I’ve put a clue in each book. If you read all five, you may solve the riddle of a location in the first book in my next series (TBA early next year). I’ll put out a single clue after the release of each book. I’m going to release the remaining four clues on a different social media after each release, so you’ll need to follow me. See the link below that has all my accounts! Then, the week after I release Book 5, I will put one final blog post on my website. The first person to post a comment on my blog with the right answer will win signed paperback copies of all fiv

The Perfect Pairing of Mystery and Romance

Krista Sandor weaves the perfect amount of mystery and romance together in The Road Home: Langley Park Series. Synopsis: Jenna Lewis is called home, or at least a place she once called home, to be near her mother who is undergoing treatment at a psychiatric facility. She runs into an old crush, Ben Fisher. Jenna suddenly becomes a target for someone, but who? I’ll leave it there, because you need to read this novel and I don’t want to spoil your fun! Krista’s vivid descriptions of this small town of Langley Park will have you wanting to move there. The characters’ development is seemlessly done through brilliant writing. You learn what you need to know just when you need to know it. There’s

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