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A Novella Worth Reading

This past week has been ridiculously busy.  Between the day job, hubby traveling, kids having exams, and trying to edit and write, my life has been CRAZY!! So when an author I met online released a novella, I figured it was destiny.  A book I could read with the little time I had available.  I’m not normally a novella reader, but this latest read might sway me. New author, Julia Wolf’s ‘Run With It’ is a quick, fun read that had me hooked from the very beginning. Synopsis: Aviva is part of a running group and mysterious Milo begins showing up, but keeps to himself.  A situation ends up having them interact with each other.  Their steamy affair begins there. This novella manages to have both 

When Your Life Gets in Your Way!

So it’s been a crazy week!  Lost a loved one, had a kiddo with an allergic reaction, and had to travel for the day job.  I did manage to finish one book. ‘Wicked Little Games’ by Dee Palmer.  I love Dee’s work.  She’s a great author and always weaves a wonderful tapestry of a story.  I’m still decompressing from this one. This is an intense read kids! Dee tells a great story that leaves the reader wanting more. So far the story follows Tia, Logan and Atticus.  Each have a troubled past.  Tia and Atticus have a past and Tia and Logan have the present.  I’m desperate to find out if Tia will get back with Atticus or stay with Logan.  The characters begin to take shape in this book, but the clif

Editing.  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!

OK- I know it’s not Friday, but I finished the rest of the Driven series.  Loved it!  If you haven’t, read it!! Now I’m editing.  It’s funny how before I started writing, I never thought about editing.  And now, I spend way more time editing than actually writing🤔 But hopefully you’ll appreciate the reason why.  The Portentous Destiny series will have five books and I’m going to release them over the next year.  No waiting for six months or a year for the next one. And so, editing...

Friday Favorites- My Review of Driven by K. Bromberg

Ok, it’s time for Friday favorites again. Seriously, where did the week go? This week I read Driven by K. Bromberg. As a Passionflix founding member, I always read the book before I see the movie. Thus, this has been on my TBR. What’s Passionflix you ask? Follow this link to learn more about this amazing company that’s bringing your favorite romance novels to the ‘small screen’ or in my case, my tablet. https://www.passionflix.com/ Synopsis: The story follows Rylee Thomas and Colton Donavan as Colton pursues Rylee and she tries to resist him. As an adoptive mom, I have to say that this book caught my attention very early on and then kept it. A fair amount of the plot centers around Rylee’s

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