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Heaven on Hell Island (An Enemies to Lovers Romance) by Shea Swain is the most thought provoking romance I’ve read, possibly to date. It pushes you as the reader to consider right and wrong on so many levels. Synopsis: Chris and Bleu are marooned on a mysterious island with several others after their plane crashes. These two seem to be complete opposites that could hardly be friends let alone lovers. But things are not as they seem. Shea is the queen of complex characters. Not only do the characters have many layers, they also are faced with tough decisions that have the reader pondering right and wrong at every turn. Throw in a back drop of a mysterious island with unusual things going on,

Watch Out for This Story!

Watch Over Her is Olivia Stephen’s first book in the Only Her Book Series. This is also my first read of this author. I loved this story. It had so much depth to it. The layers in this story are endless and also beautifully woven together. There's a new story element around every corner that leaves you wanting more! Synopsis: Raina is trying to get over a tragic past. Zane also comes from tragedy but their worlds intersect in the most unique way. I won’t give away more than that because you just have to read this story! Olivia’s truly talented at creating multi-layered stories. Yet, it wasn’t hard to follow at all, and it was just complex enough to be enjoyable. The perfect pairing of comple

Bravura - Release Day

I can't believe it's RELEASE DAY for Bravura (Portentous Destiny Series Book 3)!!! I feel like Island was just released yesterday! Bravura was an interesting book for me to write. I fell in love with Zoe and Cody in Secrets, and I just had to give them a book of their own. (Seriously, those two just wouldn't shut up! - Don't worry, I'm an author...characters nagging me is completely normal!) And so, Bravura was born! It actually had a different name at first. As usual, I've been to all the locations where this book takes place. I went to China in 2013 with my mom for a conference. We stayed in Nanjing and Beijing. It was an amazing trip, my first time in Asia! I wanted to bring a little of t

Yep, I'm Revived

Revived by S.E. Roberts will make you swoon and leave your mind spinning! This is my first read of an S.E. Roberts’ book and she did not disappoint. Synopsis: The story follows Claire and Ryker. Claire is looking for a fresh start. Ryker has his own demons. I won’t give anymore away because I don’t want to spoil the plot. The story has twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Like seriously, I did not see some of that coming!! The supporting characters are fantastic and they all need their own books (that's right S.E. - get on it)! Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed both her writing style and her story telling. I can’t wait to read her next book.

Internationally Perfect

Audrey Carlan’s International Guy Volume 1 nails an interesting take on romance. The majority of the novel is from the male perspective. Synopsis: Parker is one of three men  that run a company called International Guy. They fix problems for clients, essentially giving them a makeover. The first volume follows Parker and his two friends as they try to give Sophie the confidence to take over her father’s company. Then, Sophie recommends them to Skyler, a famous actress who’s having a hard time. She also happens to be Parker’s dream girl. Will he win her over? Audrey does a stellar job of telling a story through a man’s perspective. If you follow romance novels, then you’ll find some names and

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