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Where to Begin?

So, where to begin? My first blog post...hmmmmm...let's see. I am currently awaiting edits on my first book. What does that mean? It means, I'm busy editing my second, third, fourth and fifth books in the meantime and also doing a whole lot of reading. I love to read and over the past few years, romance novels have become my main staple. And so, because I love talking about good books that I've read, I'm going to tell you my latest favorite read. We'll call it favorite read Fridays.

'The Virgin Romance Novelist' by Meghan Quinn

I'll be honest. I found this book through one of my many Facebook groups. I was looking for a fun rom-com for my winter staycation. Someone posted this as a suggestion and so I, of course, downloaded it on my Kindle. (Point of full disclosure - I'm partial to my Kindle app on my phone, but I also read off of iBooks.)

I started this book about thirty-six hours ago, but it was stop and go this week with kids off school and family in town. Tonight, I hid in my room and finished it. I can tell you straight up, this book was HILARIOUS!! I'm serious!! So freakin' funny!

Synopsis: Rosie, the main character, wants to write romance novels, but has zero sexual experience. The book follows her escapades in trying to lose her 'v' card and gain some much needed experience in order to write her book. Her two BFFs/roommates help her along the way.

OK, I won't give any more plot away, because you just need to read it. Seriously, just read it. Rosie's mortifying date experiences are cringe-worthy and also so classically, off-the-charts hilarious, you will definitely be laughing out loud. So don't read this at the office or anywhere you don't want people hearing you snort with laughter. It is literally like Meghan wrote about every worst case date scenarios. Every possible, 'what if' of bad sexual/dating experiences is played out in vivid detail. It was like watching a train wreck that you can't turn away from, while being given the opportunity to have front row seats to see a pure comedic genius doing what she does best.

If you are an avid romance reader, then the various guys Rosie dates will have you envisioning the stereotypical, romance leading men. Whole new funny and so true sexcapades also add to the pure awesomeness of this fun read!

I give it a 5/5. It's well-written. The characters are entertaining and the plot keeps you interested the entire time. Plus, the ending is fantastically funny, just like the rest of this book.

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