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When Your Life Gets in Your Way!

So it’s been a crazy week!  Lost a loved one, had a kiddo with an allergic reaction, and had to travel for the day job.  I did manage to finish one book.

‘Wicked Little Games’ by Dee Palmer.  I love Dee’s work.  She’s a great author and always weaves a wonderful tapestry of a story.  I’m still decompressing from this one. This is an intense read kids! 

Dee tells a great story that leaves the reader wanting more. So far the story follows Tia, Logan and Atticus.  Each have a troubled past.  Tia and Atticus have a past and Tia and Logan have the present.  I’m desperate to find out if Tia will get back with Atticus or stay with Logan.  The characters begin to take shape in this book, but the cliffhanger will have you wanting part 2 immediately!   

Meanwhile, back in writing land...I’m waiting on edits still and I just picked back up on a rom-com that I’ve been working on over the past year.  

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