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Pulling an All-Nighter

I admit that I was not the all-nighter student.  Nope.  I was the ‘never procrastinated and always tried to get a goodnight sleep’ student. However, that rule never applied to reading for pleasure.

Yep, from the ripe old age of about seven, I could be found under my covers reading just one more chapter.😂 And so, I found myself sucked into yet another late night reading fest this week.

XO, Zach by Kendall Ryan delivered. I’ve read most of Kendall’s novels and so far, she has not disappointed me.

Synopsis (mini-spoiler alert): Poppy, a single mom going to grad school, coerces a stranger at a party to pretend that he’s her boyfriend. And you can probably guess who ends up being her student advisor. The two try to be professional, especially Poppy, but their chemistry is hard to ignore.

I find writing romance when kids are involved to be a challenge.  As a mom, I can attest that parenting doesn’t always leave you feeling sexy (sorry another spoiler alert for those without progeny). Kendell does a decent job of walking that line.  While Poppy’s son, Connor, is in the story, he’s not overwhelming the storyline. There’s just enough of a glimpse to see Poppy as a mom, while mostly sticking to Poppy as a woman. Then there’s Zach. Zach is a great character. He’s exactly the type of hot, young professor I can imagine ogling over when I was in grad school! But he’s also shown to be more than a pretty face and his vulnerability is what makes his character so attractive.

Yes, it’s a forbidden love story, but one worth reading. So, grab your pajamas, cozy blanket, and curl up for a good old-fashioned all-nighter. I definitely thought it was worth the pot of coffee the next day.

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