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Sneaking in Reading Time

Well, every year the first weekend of February is not only about Super Bowl parties, it means multi-family birthdays. So, I’ve had to sneak in my writing, editing, and reading this past week. 

I’ve had Rachel Van Dyken’s The Matchmaker’s Replacement on my TBR list for a while now, and I finally got to it. I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

Synopsis: Ian and Lex run a dating service of sorts. This book picks up after The Matchmaker’s Playbook, in which Ian ends up falling for his BFF and ‘sister’ Gabi’s roommate, Blake, while trying to help her land a guy. This book picks up with Gabi and Lex, who normally fight constantly. However, they figure out that their clashing may be more about their sexual tension than their animosity. 

The e-book version of this book is great. It has a gif and photo insert throughout with actors.  It really makes the book come to life, and I enjoyed it in both books.  The plot itself is fun and funny. The love-hate relationship between Lex and Gabi is entertaining and makes for some great scenes.  And the fact that they hide their emerging relationship from Ian adds some very entertaining scenes when they try covering up their affections. If you are looking for a fun and quick read, I highly recommend this book.

Meanwhile, in writing land...I got my book cover this week!! Can’t wait to share it soon! Stay tuned...


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