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Cats...yep, cats. They always wake me up at convenient times, like, oh, 3am. So I read. Only I’m a marathon reader, and now it’s 4:44.

But I did finish Inferno Part 2 by TK Leigh. I had anxiously awaited Part 2 since reading Part 1 in The Vault collection. So I rearranged my TBR and dove in.

Synopsis: The story of Eleanor and Dante continues after the revelation at the end of Part 1. More secrets are divulged and Dante’s past begins to be unveiled. 

I don’t want to give too much away, so no spoiler alerts. I loved learning more about Dante in this book. And I love that Eleanor’s strength grows. This book has you rooting for them. There’s still layers to peel back and TK gives just enough hints to drive you crazy with speculation.

And don’t worry, Part 2 will leave you just as much dying for Part 3 as Part 1 left you in desperate need for Part 2!

And now, I’m going to try and sleep for a few minutes before heading fa to work! Happy Friday!

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