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Teaser Tuesday- Island

The official countdown is on! Only a few more weeks until I release my debut novel, Island. 

And why should you put in your TBR? Well, let’s talk about that, shall we?😉

Island is the first of five books in the Portentous Destiny Series. They will be released over the next year. These romantic suspense novels follow one family’s journey down a dangerous path. 

Each book is set in a different location.  Yes, I’ve been to each location. (I may have a little travel problem!) 

I wanted to create a series that had strong female main characters, but also strong male characters. Many of these characters have been through some very tough life situations. It was important to me that the books had themes of hope, struggle, and perseverance. 

You’ll be able to read each book as a stand-alone, but they are ultimately meant to be read in order. I’ll be posting a family tree in a few weeks, so you can keep tabs on who’s who.

The books center around a family that unintentionally becomes entangled with an international crime organization that deals in a multitude of things, including human trafficking. 

Human trafficking is a terrible crime that can take many shapes. People can be enslaved as workers, sex slaves, and involuntary soldiers. This crime is taking place in communities just like yours every day, and most of the time we are completely oblivious to it. For more information in human trafficking, visit: https://www.interpol.int/Crime-areas/Trafficking-in-human-beings/Trafficking-in-human-beings.

But it’s not all about the crimes. Each book has the main character, through serendipity or perhaps destiny, meeting their perfect match. I guess, because that happened to me, I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic.

So with no further ado, here’s the first teaser:

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