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I ❤️ Lauren Rowe!

Yeah, so I’m a huge Lauren Rowe fan! Her books are amazeballs! Seriously, if you haven’t read one, do yourself a favor. Stop whatever you are doing and go one click any of her books and start reading it. OK, I’m waiting...did you do it? 👍🏻

This week, I had to stop everything and read Misadventures of a College Girl. And it was soooo worth it! 

Synopsis: Zooey, the virgin freshman, meets Tyler, the football player. Let’s just say Zooey’s plan to stay away from Tyler after an initial meeting at a party backfires.

What do I love about this book? Everything. The chemistry between Zooey and Tyler is not only smokin’ hot, it’s also adorable and swoon worthy. Lauren spends the perfect amount of time developing the characters while also throwing in steamy scenes and plenty of hilarious moments. The supporting characters are also great (and should have their own books- in my humble opinion)! 

If you’re looking for an entertaining read that will make you reminisce about college, this is the book for you! It’s also the book for you if you like sexy athletes, funny dialogue, or just a fun love story. 


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