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A Sweet Story that Pulls You in on Page One

Out of Nowhere by DL Gallie is a sweet romance that grips you in those very first pages. Not gonna lie...shed a few tears. 

Synopsis: Emerson ends up in a small community after some life changing events. She meets Chase and one thing leads to another.

I hate spoiling stories, so I kept that pretty vague. This story will make you cry, laugh and swoon. These are two characters who have overcome some seriously tough cards that life has thrown them. DL Gallie does a great job of showing the raw reality of dealing with loss, while also weaving a sweet and entertaining love story. There’s a bit of a play on enemies to lovers, which quickly morphs into a very unique storyline. This is a fast read. If you need a quick fix of an adorable couple persevering through tragedy to find salvation in one another, then this is the perfect read for you. 


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