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Need a Good Beach Read for Spring Break?

Sweet Dreams by Marika Ray is the first of the Beach Squad Series. In summary, it’s everything you want in the perfect beach read.

Synopsis: The story follows Esa and Ivan. Ivan’s a life guard at a beach and Esa just opened a hot chocolate shop. After meeting at the beach, the two go out, although both have baggage from past relationships and tragedies. Esa ends up having a stalker and while Ivan does his best to keep her safe. Esa shows some serious girl power.

This is a fun read! It’s got a little mystery, lots of sexy, and a bit of humor to top it all off.  Esa is a strong female character who can hold her own and I always love to read about women who can overcome difficult situations and kick some serious ass! Ivan is a good guy hottie. And Esa’s friend Bailey is an awesome sidekick. 

Overall, it’s a sweet and entertaining HEA. So grab your beach towel and sunscreen and this book and go relax! 


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