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Hero=Swoon! ❤️

So I finished Hero by Lauren Rowe and I ❤️ Colby! Yep, my latest book boyfriend😍 If you haven’t read Lauren’s other books about the Morgan family, then you are missing out! She has written a few of my all time favorite characters!

Synopsis: Colby Morgan, a sexy firefighter, is injured on the job and falls for his physical therapist, Lydia Decker (a widow with three kiddos).

I waited quite a while for Lauren to write about Colby, the quiet, wise, oldest Morgan sibling and it was worth the wait! Lauren’s research for this book makes it not only believable but also gut-wrenching. Seeing how the two main characters  have to overcome their own tragedies while patiently supporting the other, is a refreshing dose of reality. Often times, romance novels focus on only the good and glazes over the bad. While Hero has plenty of sexy scenes that will let you escape reality, Lauren masterfully weaves real life into the plot and doesn’t shy from letting her characters stumble through it just like the rest of us do. Not gonna lie, this book made me cry, laugh, get angry, and swoon. Yep, probably gonna need therapy now (mostly for my Morgan brothers obsession😂) but it was soooo worth it! 


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