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Island Release Week!

Island releases on Amazon on 3/24/18!! You can pre-order it now! It will be available in Kindle Unlimited, for purchase, or in paperback!

Well, first, welcome subscribers and followers, new and old! I usually post book reviews on Fridays and sometimes teasers on Tuesdays. And once a month you'll get a newsletter talking about the latest from my world, if you subscribe. Otherwise, no spam or daily stuff. No one has time to read too much from any one author, right!? We are all busy and I like to respect that!

And with that said, I can't believe it's release week! I started this journey two years ago with a single idea that I put down on paper. Somehow, that turned into a five-part book series. Island takes place in Scotland. Why Scotland, you ask? Well, I had spent a summer studying there a long time ago and have visited several other times. So sometimes my daydreams happen to take me back there. What started as a single fleeting thought about a woman escaping from her everyday life to go to Scotland, where she meets a handsome stranger, turned into an entire family saga.

Want to learn more about the Portentous Destiny Series? You can visit the book tab on my website to see Laura's playlist! I'll also be posting a family tree at the end of the week. In a few more weeks, I'll start posting teasers for book two. Each book will follow a different family member as they unexpectedly become intertwined with an international crime organization.

So prepare for some giveaways, prizes, contests, and Facebook group takeovers! How do you participate? Well, follow me on all my social media for your best chance to hear about daily prizes, contests and giveaways! The links are below!

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