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Introducing the Portentous Destiny Series Clue Contest

Five Books! Five Couples! One Family! And a Big Mystery! Announcing the Portentous Destiny Series Clue Contest!! That’s right, I’ve put a clue in each book. If you read all five, you may solve the riddle of a location in the first book in my next series (TBA early next year). I’ll put out a single clue after the release of each book. I’m going to release the remaining four clues on a different social media after each release, so you’ll need to follow me. See the link below that has all my accounts! Then, the week after I release Book 5, I will put one final blog post on my website. The first person to post a comment on my blog with the right answer will win signed paperback copies of all five books, plus a mystery book and a $20 Amazon gift card! So, who’s ready to start playing? Book #1 Clue: “I think he wants to protect me from his world or maybe he doesn’t want to admit he’s still part of that world.”

You can follow all my social media by clicking here.

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