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Second Chance with a Twist

Another one of my fellow Kiss and Tell Romance authors published a book this week! Lynne Leslie’s Fighting for Phoenix is a sexy second chance romance packed full of mystery.

Synopsis: Jayden thinks her ex, Phoenix, cheated on her and she left him. She ends up having his baby and never has the chance to tell him. Phoenix shows up several years later and learns of his son. Jayden and Phoenix also learn that their white hot romance is still white hot. The only monkey wrench is that someone is out to get them. But who?

The mystery of who the villain is had me guessing and I loved that! Lynne does an excellent job of putting us not only in the main characters’ heads, but also in the bad guy’s head. I really felt that the bad guy perspective totally added to the story in an unique and exciting way. The steamy scenes were perfectly placed and the relationship between Jayden and Phoenix and their son will make your heart melt. Plus, Lynne has introduced several awesome characters that I hope will be getting their own stories!! Don’t miss out on this great novel!


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