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Another Way to Join Me and Other Authors!

Since you joined my email list, you're probably a lover of romance novels just like me. If so, you might be interested in the fan group, Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous (RNAA). (http://lindafausnet.com/blog/?page_id=147)

RNAA is a fun, silly, sexy, judgment-free group where ALL heroes and heroines are welcome: nice guys, alpha males, bad boys, werewolves, billionaires, vampires, gay, straight, bi, historical figures, aliens, and anything else that can love and/or mate. The group includes both romance readers and authors, so you can interact with your favorite romance writers and find some great new books to read!

You can follow Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you join the email list, you will get an email about once or twice a week with info on free, discounted, and new releases in romance, as well as book reviews.

I hope you’ll join RNAA on Facebook as well. The Facebook group is a Closed group, which means the group's updates do NOT appear in your public newsfeed for others to see. That means you can Post, Like, and Comment on anything romance-related including deliciously half-naked book covers without it showing up in your newsfeed for your friends, coworkers, and your mother to see.

Click HERE to join the email list.

Click HERE to join the Facebook group.

Come join the conversation about romance novels with Romance Novel Addicts Anonymous!

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