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Crushing on Charlie

Cut Free is the latest from Julia Wolf in her The Sublime Series. If you loved her characters from her previous books, then get ready for more love and fun!

Synopsis: Cut Free follows Eliza and Charlie as they move from friends to more. Eliza is going through a lot of changes since she ended things with Edward. Charlie comes into her life when she needs a little push to come out of her shell.

Like all her books, Julia does a great job of developing the characters and setting. If you live in the DC-Baltimore area, you’ll appreciate her attention to detail about the local area. You will be cheering Eliza on as she comes into her own and trains for a marathon. You will also be waiting with baited breath to see if she and Charlie will become more than friends. So come visit the whole gang, and fall in love with them all over again! (FYI- James from Cut Loose made me swoon again in this book!)

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