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😍😍 Gavin

Geneva Lee has done it again! She has create a man who is BBF worthy, and a heroine who you want to be BFFs with. The characters are lovable, but with depth and flaws.

Synopsis: Cassie is starting an internship with sexy Gavin. Will these two end up together despite some issues and misunderstandings?

Don’t worry, I won’t give it away. I literally stayed up till 2am reading this book. Geneva’s writing style makes all her novels flow as though an old friend is telling you a story over a glass of wine on a Friday night. And if you read the other books in this series, then you’ll be in for a treat because those characters are going to make some appearances. But the beauty of this book, or for that matter, each book in this series, is that you don’t have to have read the others to enjoy them. So go grab Reaching Gavin, and enjoy the ride! I know I did!

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