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“Come on,” he says as he holds out his hand, and we walk down toward the water. He sits down in the sand, and I sit down next to him. The sun is fading in the sky and the colors are fantastic.

“It’s beautiful here,” I whisper as I hug my knees to my chest.

Cody turns to me and the corners of his lips turn up just slightly. “I agree the view is beautiful.”

I blush. I’m not normally shy, I’m normally the take charge type of girl, but something about the way Cody is looking at me makes me feel like a wallflower. I feel his hand under my chin, and he pushes my face up until I’m looking into his eyes. “I know we just met, Zoe, but I really want to kiss you right now.”

I search his eyes and all I see is passion. “Then kiss me,” I murmur as I lean in closer to him, our lips just barely touching. And with that invitation, his mouth is on me. His lips caress mine gently at first. They are smooth and warm against my skin, and I get a little lost in the way he knows just how to use those lips. He takes his time building me up before he runs his tongue over my lower lip. I gladly part my lips and our tongues begin a tango that I don’t want to stop. His hands run over my body, and I feel like I light up like a Christmas tree. Maybe it’s been too many weeks since I was touched like this, but something about Cody is taking me to a new level and fast.

I lose track of time as we sit and kiss and touch. I’m vaguely aware that it has gotten dark out and that the dull murmur of our fellow passengers up at the bar has died down. But I don’t pay attention to any of that; I’m lost in this never-ending kiss, this kiss to end all kisses. I’ve kissed a lot, and I mean a lot of men, but never like this and never for this long.

I want more of him, but at the same time, I’m content just kissing him. I try not to think and just go with it. That’s my normal philosophy. I decide to let myself enjoy this, whatever this is. I deserve to let loose and have fun. And this is just fun, after all, this is just a vacation fling and why the hell not?

I don’t feel my shivering until Cody finally pulls away from me.

“You’re cold,” he breathes against my lips. I take a moment to check in with my body. I am shivering, and I notice I’m clinging to Cody for warmth.

“A little,” I agree.

Cody laughs. “Come on, Princess Anna, you are going to turn into ice if I don’t get you inside soon.” I roll my eyes and giggle at his Frozen reference. I take his hand as we stand up and he wraps his arm around me as we walk back toward our rooms. We walk past his room, and he stays with me until we reach the door to mine. It’s eerily quiet as everyone else has gone to bed. I can’t believe we sat there kissing for that long. I’ve never done that, ever. Kissing is so personal, and I don’t do personal.

When we reach my room, he pulls me against him and brings his lips down to mine again. This kiss is gentle and quick, and he pulls away all too soon. I actually whimper, which is so unlike me. Why does he have to be such a good kisser?

“Better get some sleep, princess, long day tomorrow,” he says with a smile against my lips.

I roll my eyes at the princess reference. “OK, Prince Charming, I hope you don’t turn into a pumpkin.”

“I believe that was the carriage, not the prince, darling,” he says as he kisses my hand before letting me go. I open the door to Lily and my room and turn to him again.

“Goodnight, Cody,” I whisper not wanting to wake my cousin.

“Goodnight, Zoe,” he says softly and then turns to walk back down toward his room. © 2018

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