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I ❤️ Bodyguards!

This is my first read of a book by Jade Webb, and I can tell you that I will be back for more. Guarding Her Heart is the first book in the Renegade Love Bodyguard Trilogy. 

Synopsis: Gabby has tried to separate herself from her rich and famous family but a turn of events has her spending time with her famous, singer sister. And that’s where she meets Liam, her sister’s bodyguard. And the sexual tension starts right away.

Jade does a thorough job of providing Gabby with a backstory and family members that will suck you further into this world of the rich and famous.  However, you will be rooting for Gabby to succeed and also to open up her heart to sweet and sexy Liam. However, Jason, another singer might also be a contender...guess you’ll need to read this book and find out😉


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