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Bravura - Release Day

I can't believe it's RELEASE DAY for Bravura (Portentous Destiny Series Book 3)!!! I feel like Island was just released yesterday!

Bravura was an interesting book for me to write. I fell in love with Zoe and Cody in Secrets, and I just had to give them a book of their own. (Seriously, those two just wouldn't shut up! - Don't worry, I'm an author...characters nagging me is completely normal!) And so, Bravura was born! It actually had a different name at first.

As usual, I've been to all the locations where this book takes place. I went to China in 2013 with my mom for a conference. We stayed in Nanjing and Beijing. It was an amazing trip, my first time in Asia! I wanted to bring a little of that trip into this series, and thus, China had to be a location. There's so much building going on in China that it fit perfectly with Bravura's plot, since Cody is an engineer.

And Miami...hehe...Miami is a fun city and Zoe is a fun lady, so there had to be a girls' trip there! And if the ladies got a trip, I figured the gentlemen needed one too!

Much of this book focuses on Zoe and Cody as characters. Zoe, in particular, has some things she needs to work through. And the connections you see between characters in this book will come full circle by the end of the series...hint, hint.

I hope you enjoy Book #3! And if you do, please leave a review! Us, indie authors, love hearing what you thought of our books!

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