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Thought Provoking

Heaven on Hell Island (An Enemies to Lovers Romance) by Shea Swain is the most thought provoking romance I’ve read, possibly to date. It pushes you as the reader to consider right and wrong on so many levels. 

Synopsis: Chris and Bleu are marooned on a mysterious island with several others after their plane crashes. These two seem to be complete opposites that could hardly be friends let alone lovers. But things are not as they seem. 

Shea is the queen of complex

characters. Not only do the characters have many layers, they also are faced with tough decisions that have the reader pondering right and wrong at every turn. Throw in a back drop of a mysterious island with unusual things going on, and you have yourself one intriguing story! This was my first read of a book by Shea Swain but it will definitely not be my last!


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