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Holy Cliffhanger, Batman!

I have been a huge Geneva Lee fan for quite a while. The Royals is handsdown one of my favorite romance series of all time. So, when Geneva said she was making more books about this royal family, I was all in!

Synopsis: If you are a fan, like me, this book picks up with Clara and X, shortly after the last one. And I’m not giving away anything! You have to read it!

This book gutted me! I literally read the last paragraph about three times because I couldn’t process what was happening! OK, I could but I also was like, wait, where’s the rest! I need the rest! This cliffhanger may be one of my favorites of all time! And I love a good cliffhanger. So, if you love extra steamy, Royal drama, twists and turns romance, then go read the Wild King. 


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