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A Novella Worth Reading

This past week has been ridiculously busy.  Between the day job, hubby traveling, kids having exams, and trying to edit and write, my life has been CRAZY!! So when an author I met online released a novella, I figured it was destiny.  A book I could read with the little time I had available.  I’m not normally a novella reader, but this latest read might sway me.

New author, Julia Wolf’s ‘Run With It’ is a quick, fun read that had me hooked from the very beginning. 

Synopsis: Aviva is part of a running group and mysterious Milo begins showing up, but keeps to himself.  A situation ends up having them interact with each other.  Their steamy affair begins there. 

This novella manages to have both in-depth character development and a plot that keeps you reading, which in my opinion, is pretty darn impressive for a short read.  Julia weaves an interesting, sexy story, that seems true to life, and breathes a bit of fresh perspective and reality on steamy love scenes. 

I, for one, am excited to read more from this new author! 

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